Intake Fees $65.00

Both parents are required to complete the intake process before visitations can be arranged. The process takes approximately 1 hour. Parents are required to bring a copy of their drivers license, court order, restraining order if there is one in place, and a current picture of the child/children

Supervised Visitation: $50.00/hour

4 Your Children will schedule the visit with both parents, working around the child's schedule whenever possible. We will work closely with the parents to ensure the visits are a positive experience for the child/children and plan activities that are appropriate for the visiting parent and child.

Safe Exchange $35.00 per exchange

This is a safe and conflict free way of exchanging the child/children with a neutral party present with the child/children.

Visitation Reports

$60.00 1-2 hour visits, $90.00 3-5 hour visits, 6 or more hour visits to be determined.